SST PURE® Shaft Alignment System


SST PURE® Technology  which locates the most stable orientation of any golf shaft to minimize off-line bending and twisting, is now available to all golfers through a domestic and international network of licensees. If you are serious about your golf, hit every shot SST PURE®d  Free Shipping on Disassemble & Assembled Clubs Back to You  (min.Set 5 Clubs or more)    We call this Retro-Fitting…. You get Free Grip + Free Ship Back to You.  This is quite a saving since New Grip and Shipping back to you is taken out of the equation. only $45.00  per Club less Discount.  New Shafts Purchased from us $35.00 per Shaft Discounted at time of Purchased   Purchase any Shaft over $250.00 per Shaft Retail PURE®d is Included

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