Axiom Iron Shaft (New 2023) Includes PUREd®and Shaft Prep


Notice: Please be Patience Fujikura is Getting stock in, whats available now is the Axiom 75. Call us if you want to put in a back order and be the first to have these.

The Flagship VeloCore Technology that made VENTUS a worldwide success is now available in an innovative new composite iron shaft. AXIOM ushers in a new era of performance-driven iron shafts that deliver ultimate consistency, stability, and unmatched workability to give golfers extreme confidence with every swing.


When ordering; order the Long Play Shafts  (LP) for 2-irons,  3-irons, and  4-irons. /  Mid Play (MP) for the 5-irons,  6-irons, and  7-irons. / Short Play (SP) for the  8-iron,  9-iron, and PW

Shaft Purchased Includes Shaft Tip and Prep and PUREd®

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