Dynamic Gold MID 100g,115g Taper Tip .355, .370 Parallel Tip Singles & Sets (Buy Sets Save $$)


Dynamic Gold Mid is designed to complement modern-day equipment by utilizing a unique shaft geometry to create a stiffer midsection with an active tip section to promote an increase in launch and spin compared to other Dynamic Gold offerings in similar weight categories. Available in lightweight (100g), midweight (115g), and tour-weighted (130g) options, the Dynamic Gold Mid family has something for everyone.

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.355 Taper Tip Butt Trim Only NO Tip Trimming

FlexWeightLengthTip ODButt ODLaunch/Spin
R300114g37″ – 40″.355.600Mid
S300115g37″ – 40″.355.600Mid
X100116g37″ – 40″.355.600Mid


Parallel Tip

FlexWeightLengthTip ODButt ODLaunch/Spin

Tip Trimming Guide

Please remember the following are general rules for assembling your clubs.

Butt trim shafts to finished Playing length after tip trimming for .370 Parallel.



Weight:1 lbs
  • Shaft Model Weight: 100g | 115g
  • Shaft Singles or Sets: 2 Iron 40" 1/2 | 3 Iron 40" | 4 Iron 39"1/2 | 5 Iron 39" | 6 Iron 38"1/2 | 7 Iron 38" | 8 Iron 37"1/2 | 9 Iron 37" | PW 37" | 4-PW | 5-PW
  • Shaft Flex: X100 (Only Avail.355 Taper Tip) | S300 | R 300
  • Tip Size: .355 Taper Tip | .370 Parallel Tip


True Temper
True Temper’s proprietary technologies ensure that all shafts are crafted with pinpoint specification consistency and enhanced performance, resulting in a family of shafts that outperform the competition.

What Our Clients Say

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Richard Holloway
September 15, 2022

Got a new shaft for my driver at a very good price.

Eric Chung
August 19, 2019

Justin from Billy Bob's helped me getting my clubs re-shafted. He was very considerate about getting swing weights to be the same throughout my iron set. I needed to change lie angles for the irons as well as my grips. Phenomenal job on the whole set and I respect his craftsmanship on the work he has done for my irons. I am glad I was able to visit this store and got this job done here.

Scott Campbell
March 30, 2024

I have always gone here for Titleist Driver head weights and they are top quality. Great service, good people, awesome products!

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