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The board is back. After a few years away, the vintage surfboard always associated with Diamana makes its return with Diamana WB. Built on an extraordinarily popular and tour-proven platform, WB brings classic low-low performance and the legendary stability and control you’ve come to expect after two decades.

The first in the 6th Generation Diamana family, WB is designed with all the traditional branding that made Diamana so beloved, including flowers in the handle section, a surfboard behind the Diamana logo, and a return to the original 53/63/73/83 weight class designations. But rest assured, the only thing throwback about Diamana WB is its appearance. Indeed, super high-modulus 80-ton Dialead Pitch Fiber is used in the butt section to deliver maximum stability and increased energy transfer, and high modulus 46-ton fiber is used in the shaft’s angle plies to reduce torque without increasing weight for improved control and stability. Carbon fiber orientation at the tip section is optimized to further lower torque.

The classic feel of this Diamana profile is achieved through the use of our proprietary Xlink Tech Resin System and MR70 technologies. Our Xlink Tech Resin System increases the strength and durability of the shaft while driving carbon fiber volume up for a better feel. Feel and strength is further increased through the use of our aerospace-grade MR70 fiber – our strongest fiber to date.

Key Features Include:
– 80-ton DIALEAD Pitch Fiber in the butt section to maximize stability and energy transfer
– High modulus 46-ton fiber in angle plies to lower torque without increasing weight
– Xlink Tech Resin System to increase the strength and durability of the shaft

Diamana WB Specifications

ShaftFlexLengthWeight/GMSTip ODTip LengthButt ODTorqueKick Point
Diamana™ WB 43R246430.33530.6005.5High
Diamana™ WB 43R46440.33530.6025.4High
Diamana™ WB 43SR46460.33530.6025.4High
Diamana™ WB 43S46470.33530.6025.3High
Diamana™ WB 43X46480.33530.6025.3High
Diamana™ WB 53R46520.33530.5944.7High
Diamana™ WB 53SR46530.33530.5964.7High
Diamana™ WB 53S46540.33530.5964.6High
Diamana™ WB 53X46550.33530.5984.6High
Diamana™ WB 53TX46580.33530.6004.6High
Diamana™ WB 63R46600.33530.6023.2High
Diamana™ WB 63SR46610.33530.6023.1High
Diamana™ WB 63S46620.33530.6023.1High
Diamana™ WB 63X46630.33530.6043.1High
Diamana™ WB 63TX46650.33530.6063High
Diamana™ WB 73S46700.33530.6023High
Diamana™ WB 73X46720.33530.6042.9High
Diamana™ WB 73TX46730.33530.6042.9High
Diamana™ WB 83S46800.33530.6022.7High
Diamana™ WB 83X46830.33530.6022.7High
Diamana™ WB 83TX46840.33530.6042.7High

Weight:1 lbs
  • Shaft Model & Weight: Diamana™ WB 43 | Diamana™ WB 53 | Diamana™ WB 63 | Diamana™ WB 73 | Diamana™ WB 83
  • Shaft Flex: R2 Senior Flex | R Flex | RS Flex | Stiff Flex | X Flex | TX Flex

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