Diamana PD Series Woods (Incl. Tip, Ship and PURE®d)

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The modern-day Whiteboard. Diamana PD is the 5th Generation Diamana low launch, low spin offering. Built with our dual-phase Xlink Tech Resin System, high modulus MR70 material, and boron fiber infused hybrid prepreg, Diamana PD creates activity in the handle but stability in the tip and midsection for consistent, penetrating ball flight and never sacrifices feel.

Key Features Include:
– Lowest launching, lowest spinning 5th Generation Diamana offering
– Active handle section with stiff middle and tip section
– Low torque for less shaft twist
– Consistent Feel Design to minimize variance in butt OD, weight, and balance point to create simplicity during the fitting process
– Xlink Tech Resin System drives carbon fiber volume way up for a better feel without sacrificing strength or durability
– MR70 for strength
– Boron to fortify tip section

Incl. Tip & Ship, and PURE®d 


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Constructed using our exclusive dual-phase XLINK™ Tech Resin System, high modulus MR70, and Boron fiber to create a powerful profile with a smooth feel that remains stable throughout the swing.

Key features include:

• Diamana™ PD brings a lower launching profile to the 5th Generation family
• Designed to be more active in the handle vs. TB w/ stiffer middle and tip section
• Lower torque to produce a flatter, lower-spinning launch
• Features Consistent Feel Design™ to minimize variance in butt OD, weight, and balance point
• Massive range of weights and flexes from 40R2 to 80TX, with options for every player
• Constructed with our XLINK™ Tech Resin System, MR70 and boron fiber infused hybrid prepreg

Who it’s best for? Diamana™ PD-Series is ideal for players seeking lower flight and a stiffer tip while retaining maximum feel and responsiveness.

5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 40R246450.3353.00.6046.1Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 40R46450.3353.00.6046.1Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 40SR46450.3353.00.6045.8Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 40S46470.3353.00.6045.8Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 40X46490.3353.00.6045.8Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 50R46530.3353.00.6044.8Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 50SR46530.3353.00.6044.8Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 50S46530.3353.00.6044.8Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 50X46560.3353.00.6044.8Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 50TX46570.3353.00.6044.8Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 60R46630.3353.00.6063.3Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 60SR46630.3353.00.6063.3Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 60S46640.3353.00.6063.3Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 60X46650.3353.00.6063.2Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 60TX46660.3353.00.6063.1Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 70S46740.3353.00.6062.8Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 70X46750.3353.00.6062.8Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 70TX46760.3353.00.6062.7Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 80S46840.3353.00.6062.9Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 80X46840.3353.00.6062.9Mid-High
5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 80TX46840.3353.00.6062.9Mid-High

Weight:1 lbs

  • Select Shaft Model: 40 Series, 50 Series, 60 Series, 70 Series, 80 Series
  • Shaft Flex: R2-Flex, SR Flex, R-FLEX, S-FLEX, TX flex, X-FLEX

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MCA GOLF, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, dedicated to designing and developing the highest performing composite golf shafts for discerning golfers everywhere. MCA GOLF leverages our own resources and raw materials (vertical integration), which gives us a competitive advantage. Over the years, MCA GOLF has been a leading supplier of premium composite golf shafts worldwide. With many of the world’s best players using Mitsubishi Chemical golf shafts, MCA GOLF has established itself as a dominant force in the golf industry Mitsubishi Chemical Graphite Shafts has set the standard that all shafts are measured by Wins. We continue to help players at all levels win, time and time again.

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Dennis Reahle
June 21, 2023

As usual everything went great. Justin does an excellent job of making golf shafts and making things right. I will continue to do business with them. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable.

Justin McPhail
February 13, 2018

The absolute best place to order club making parts, especially adapters. The crew at Billy Bob's is extremely knowledgeable, and stand behind all of their products. I will never use eBay, Amazon, or GolfWorks for ordering specialty parts for clubmaking again. The customer service at Billy Bob's and the quality of the product is above all others for aftermarket building materials and they will treat you like family if you ever have any questions or concerns. On multiple occasions I have had a problem or question and they always pick up the phone with helpful answers and even have offered full replacements of their product when I lost a part. The best ever at what they do and I will never go anywhere else for my clubmaking materials.

A. K. Berrett
August 16, 2023

Great products, good price and excellent, fast friendly service

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