CMX® DEAD EYE Putter Shaft w/System Components


We call it a Putter Shaft System made up of different Shaft Components.  Start with Heavy graphite Blank, it comes long enough in  length to make it a Wrist Putter or conventional  36″ or 32″ any size length you what even long enough for a Belly Putter if you want. Steel Sections can be purchase Single Bend or Double Bend or Straight End which ever you prefer or you can cut off Your tip on your existing putter. You can also send us your Putter Head or your OLD Complete Putter, we can cut the shaft and install the Graphite Blank cut to length and Re-grip it. We can fashion anything you what from your Specifications.  We can also adjust the tip size to fit any shaft tip you desire. Balance and Counter Balance any where along the shaft.   We stock .370 shaft tip sizes.   Tell us what you want.



Add-ons total: