TaylorMade Factory Replacement Headweights Spider EX Putters 7g thru 38g


TaylorMade Factory Replacement Head Weights Spider EX Putters we have them in 7g, 11gT, 13gT, 17gT, 23gT, 27gT, 31gT, 35gT, 38gT

Please Read Special Instructions On removing and Changing Weights    TaylorMade has made removing these Putter Weights difficult as they need a little heat to remove the Bond, they are Locked in with Glue or LockTite. [read more] What is needed= 20 Torx Bit install in a ratchet or Tap wrench this will apply the proper Strength when removing the screw without striping the Torx Points.  Apply heat to the screw area and then remove the screw with the 20 Torx. You will notice that removing the screw completely, the weight will NOT come off. The glue that they use has also bonded the weight to the putter. To remove it Take the 20Torx or a Philipps Screw Driver or anything that will fit into the empty screw hole and push down and the bond with break… and the weight will come off. [/read] 

Sold in Pairs LH, RH 


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