CMX® Straight Fitting (Over Hosel Version Full Shaft Insertion)


Billy Bob’s CMX® Universal Straight Fitting System for Standard Woods and Irons  (Over Hosel Version Full Shaft Insertion).   These will fit most Standard Hosels for Woods and Irons. You can fit multiple shafts on those standard clubs with Full Insertion this will allow you to use our CMX® Threaded Metal Ferrule.    We manufacture these bottom sleeves to go over the existing club hosels. This will allow you to install your shafts with Full Insertion into the bottom of the club head. We can provide the proper reaming at a nominal charge, but we will need the club(s) O.D hosel dimension. If you want to ream the sleeve yourself, we can provide instructions to do so. We also make a Short Shaft Version Like (Club Conex®)

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