CMX® Universal Straight Fitting System

Installation Instructions

First measure the outside length, inside depth and O.D. width of the Club Hosel
You will need this if you are going to ream the sleeve yourself. Be sure to allow .005 wall clearance for
epoxy. You can skip this if you had us ream the sleeve here at our factory.

Reaming Procedure

We recommend you use a drill press and a holding vise. First find center with the sleeve pilot hole which is a 21/64 drill bit.

Now, you can drill and finish reaming the sleeve to fit your club hosel.

Prepping Procedure

Abrade the club hosel for good adhesion.

Installing Procedure

Dry fit the shaft, check the shaft insertion depth and mark the location.

Now, mark the location for the ferrule length.

Once you have set the depth, tape the location.

Epoxy the abraded hosel.

Quick Note* There are different shaft insertions. You may want to set the depth to the shortest insertion point so the tips won’t bottom out when changing different club heads.

Coat the hosel Sleeve sparingly, be Aware that some
epoxy may seep into the hosel. This can clog the threads and shaft insertion. Use a alcohol coated brush or rag to remove any excessive epoxy inside the hosel if needed.

Billy Bob’s Swing Weight chart CMX Universal Fitting system