BTG Brava Sierra Echo Wood Shafts from Breakthrough Golf (Includes Grip, Ship, Adaptor Tip & Pure®d)


150.00 Worth of Extras
  In head-to-head testing, Brava Echo was up to 10 yards longer than two of the top-performing premium wood shafts on the market. The magic comes from a shaft that feels very light yet still delivers incredible power.
BGT® has forever changed the way golfers look at putting when the Stability™ shafts were introduced. That same thinking went into developing the Brava® Wood Shaft. It delivers the power and consistency to perform shot after shot regardless of swing speed or driver model.
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Brava Sierra Echo

 When you step onto the tee with the Sierra Echo driver in your hands, you’ll instantly feel a surge of confidence coursing through you. This shaft is not just another driver shaft; it’s a game-changer that will elevate your performance. The Sierra Echo delivers the distance and consistency to perform shot after shot regardless of swing speed or driver model. It was designed for maximum ball speed and smash factor because it delivers more center strikes and a better face angle. The magic comes from a shaft that feels very light yet still delivers incredible power. You’ll generate more clubhead speed, better velocity, and launch trajectory. In head-to-head testing, the Brava outperformed Autoflex by an impressive 10 yards. Why settle for anything less when you can elevate your game with a driver that combines power, accuracy, and forgiveness like no other? Take control, unleash your potential, and dominate the course like never before with the Sierra Echo driver by your side.

Brava Sierra Echo Shaft

FlexHead SpeedTip DiameterLengthWeightTorqueLaunchSpin
DriverF/3 R85 MPH.335″46″50 gm4.4 ̊HighMid
F/4 S95 MPH.335″46″54 gm4.3 ̊Mid-HighMid
No tip trimming

Weight: lbs
  • Shaft Model: Brava Sierra Echo
  • Shaft Flex & Weight: R Flex 85-50g | S Flex 95-54g


Breakthrough Golf Technology
Stability was designed to improve putter-specific motion and performance. It increases flexural rigidity and significantly reduces torsional rotation through BGT’s patented design. It limits unwanted movement by stiffening the shaft by 25% without abolishing feel and reducing torque by almost 50%, to deliver the club face squarer at impact.The performance of the shaft was exhaustively tested with hundreds of putters using state-of-the-art high-speed cameras, robots, SAM Putt Lab, Quintic Ball Roll software and Trackman4. Our objective was to isolate relatively small face movements that affects ball roll. Regardless of how well golfers putt, there is the human error factor that skews results. Our focus was on the putter face at impact then details ball roll till conclusion; we hit thousands of putts featuring a variety of head designs and weights to draw precise conclusions. The result was a reinvention of the putter shaft from the ground up.

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Justin McPhail
February 13, 2018

The absolute best place to order club making parts, especially adapters. The crew at Billy Bob's is extremely knowledgeable, and stand behind all of their products. I will never use eBay, Amazon, or GolfWorks for ordering specialty parts for clubmaking again. The customer service at Billy Bob's and the quality of the product is above all others for aftermarket building materials and they will treat you like family if you ever have any questions or concerns. On multiple occasions I have had a problem or question and they always pick up the phone with helpful answers and even have offered full replacements of their product when I lost a part. The best ever at what they do and I will never go anywhere else for my clubmaking materials.

Elite Mobile
April 14, 2023


Scott Campbell
March 30, 2024

I have always gone here for Titleist Driver head weights and they are top quality. Great service, good people, awesome products!

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