House of Forged

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… HOUSE OF FORGED shafts have dominated long-drive competition by winning (5) Open Division World Long-Drive Championships over the last eleven years, in addition to having won more LDA tour events and more major international championships over that period than any other shaft company.

2017 WORLD LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIPS OPEN DIVISION = Congratulations to Justin James for winning the championship, using a HOF “Ninja” shaft to hit the 435-yard winning ball. Nick Kiefer (hitting The Force shaft) tied for 3rd Place, and newcomer Wes Patterson tied for 5th Place using a Code Blue shaft. In addition, Bobby Bradley (Code Red) and Steve Monroe (Code Blue) competed in the Top 16 with HOF shafts.

MASTERS DIVISION = Congratulations to Jeff “Critter” Crittenden for winning the Master’s Division using an HOF Platinum shaft. Kevin Blenkhorn took 2nd Place with a Code Blue shaft, and Mike Bauman tied for 5th Place with Ninja shafts.

MIXED DOUBLES = Congratulations to former champion Jeff Flagg (Code Blue) who got the win with partner Sandra Carlborg. Tommy Hug (Platinum) shaft got a 2nd Place finish along with partner Alexis Belton.