House of Forged Raptor II 48″ Long Drive (Free Grip Tip and Shipping)


RAPTOR II – the original RAPTOR  series shafts exploded on the long-drive scene in mid-2017 with JUSTIN JAMES using them to get the “W” in the Open Division at the 2017 World Championships.  We have re-engineered this light-weight shaft by adding weight in order to increase the overall strength as well as the durability of the shaft.

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RAPTOR II – the original RAPTOR  series shafts exploded on the long-drive scene in mid-2017 with JUSTIN JAMES using them to get the “W” in the Open Division at the 2017 World Championships.

Flex                  Weight       CPMS      Torque        Bend            Swing-speed range

X                            64            255            2.5              High            100-to-115/mph

XX                          65            265            2.5              High            115-to-130/mph

XXX                        66            275            2.5              High            130-140/mph

XXXX                      67            285            2.5              High            140+/mph

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ELECTRONIC MACHINE ROLLING = Most golfers assume that all golf shafts are manufactured using sophisticated machines, which can not only implement sophisticated new engineering design technology, but which also can be subjected to minute calibrations and changes, as needed during the shaft manufacturing process.  Unfortunately, this is not the case as the giant FORTUNE 500 companies (you know who they are) minimize their costs by using unskilled workers to “hand-roll” their shafts.  Many companies have not only utilized this process, they have moved out of China to countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh to produce their shafts because of lower labor costs.  This move to decrease overall costs at the expense of using less qualified and less experienced workers. LAGS produces only electronically machine-rolled shafts for HOF with that machine being operated by a skilled technician who averages more than ten years work experience.

HD = In our opinion “HD” design is one of the most advanced and it is likely one of the most useful technologies for golf shaft manufacturing.  This process was patented by MATRIX and is the sole property of LA GOLF SHAFTS.  Previously, golf shafts were made with a round interior.  This round structure is subject to “ovalling” or the flattening of the shaft at its weakest point when put under extreme stress during the swing.  This flattening deforms the shaft’s structural integrity at that point on the shaft and it radically hinders the performance of the shaft.  “HD” is a patented “16-sided” interior design, which was originally patented by MATRIX Engineers.  It is incorporated into many of the high-end LAGS and HOF shafts.  You can see this HD design if you look down the inside of the butt-end of the shaft toward a light, which shows the 16-sided interior.  These ridges provide a corrugated stronger structure than a typical round interior design, and this design radically allows LAGS to significantly lower weight at any point in the shaft to strengthen and balance the shaft.  Many other companies have utilized other designs, but none of them work like this design, which neither MATRIX nor LAGS has released to other shaft companies.

DE Curve Analysis = LAGS patented Deformation of Energy analysis provides for the ability to test the shaft along a DE curve in order to identify any week or uncoordinated spot on the shaft.  Using this technology insures not only the strength of the shafts, but also the uniform performance of various shafts within in a full production run of shafts.

TTR = Through their patented “TTR” tip-torsion-resistance resistance technology LAGS can dramatically strengthen an entire shaft tip-section without cranking the tip torque down so low that the shaft feels boardy.  Utilizing this technology, LAGS can achieve the maximum of strength and resistance to twisting (torsion) in the tip section, while still offering a shaft that has excellent tip feel and control.




Weight:1.5 lbs

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House of Forged
… HOUSE OF FORGED shafts have dominated long-drive competition by winning (5) Open Division World Long-Drive Championships over the last eleven years, in addition to having won more LDA tour events and more major international championships over that period than any other shaft company.2017 WORLD LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIPS OPEN DIVISION = Congratulations to Justin James for winning the championship, using a HOF “Ninja” shaft to hit the 435-yard winning ball. Nick Kiefer (hitting The Force shaft) tied for 3rd Place, and newcomer Wes Patterson tied for 5th Place using a Code Blue shaft. In addition, Bobby Bradley (Code Red) and Steve Monroe (Code Blue) competed in the Top 16 with HOF shafts.MASTERS DIVISION = Congratulations to Jeff “Critter” Crittenden for winning the Master’s Division using an HOF Platinum shaft. Kevin Blenkhorn took 2nd Place with a Code Blue shaft, and Mike Bauman tied for 5th Place with Ninja shafts.MIXED DOUBLES = Congratulations to former champion Jeff Flagg (Code Blue) who got the win with partner Sandra Carlborg. Tommy Hug (Platinum) shaft got a 2nd Place finish along with partner Alexis Belton.

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Put new grips on my clubs, nice clean job, i hope to take stokes off my game. Thanks.

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September 15, 2022

Got a new shaft for my driver at a very good price.

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February 24, 2018

John did a great job on fixing my club. They have everything needed to fix any type of Club

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