Tour Z RPG Woods 352, 362, 372, 462, 472 Series (Free Grip & Adaptor Tip, Ship, Free PURE®d)


Tour Zx RPG Series  352, 362, 372, 462, 472  (Free Grip & Tip & Ship & PURE®d)   We will cut to playing length and install tip and grip to you’re Spec. if you like

The Tour Z RPG is ACCRA’s most technologically advanced golf shaft ever. The new RPG shaft joins the Tour Z family of shafts as a standalone product designed for Tour yet playable for a wide variety of golfers.  No golf shaft company uses more advanced materials, has better consistency, or tighter tolerances than the Tour Z RPG!  Acceptance on the PGA Tour has been swift with both the 300 series and 400 series being trusted by some of the world’s best golfers.



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