TaylorMade Series 5 .350 Adaptor


.350 TaylorMade Series 5 Shaft Adaptor fits the R 540, R 560

These were the first in the Series of Drivers and Woods that followed the Popular Bubble Burners. This was the start of the Large Headed Drivers and Woods,  TaylorMade Sold Millions of these Clubs 360, 400 cc and up. It took a very special 3 sided ferrule which gave many a Clubmaker… Problems.



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We designed the ferrule and the three step-downs in one part; we have incorporated Our Patented Perforated Sleeve Technology # 6,887,163 that makes it a breeze do. Also we use the same Thermal Plastic material that’s used on the original, which doesn’t change the feel of the club. This is very important, because this is a damping and protection system to the club and it keeps the feel consistent. Beware of cheap plastic adaptors that can split during installation and they won’t give you the same feel when striking the ball. When you try them you will see that they turn that frustrating job into a simple one and they fit the Taylor SERIES 5 Drivers and Fairway Woods With the exception of XD’s they take a regular 1/2″ Collared ferrule.

Please Note*  You  cannot  turn down the Series 5 ferrules and shine it up with acetone.it is made to look that way

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A. K. Berrett
August 16, 2023

Great products, good price and excellent, fast friendly service

jack griffin
February 24, 2018

John did a great job on fixing my club. They have everything needed to fix any type of Club

Dennis Reahle
June 21, 2023

As usual everything went great. Justin does an excellent job of making golf shafts and making things right. I will continue to do business with them. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable.

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