Taylormade Rescue Woods Ferrule


TaylorMade has done it again…creating the TaylorMade RAC HT, LT, OS irons, CGB irons and the Rescue Fairway Woods that have a uniquely designed collar, which requires a specialty undercut ferrule! (see photo above) Make sure you are ready to re-shaft with Billy Bob’s RAC iron replacement ferrule!

 *Note: Please Check the Tip Diameter for your Club TaylorMade made them in Both in .350 and .370.The difference between the RAC and RESCUE types of ferrules is the I.D is .370 for the Irons and some Hybrids and .350 for the Rescue Fairway Woods. Due to the collar configuration, you will need to turn down these ferrules with a cloth belt and finish them with acetone. They clip on hard so pre-install the ferrule on the hosel then epoxy it.


Weight:0.01 lbs
  • Shaft Tip Size: .350 Fairway, .370 Rac and some Hybrids
  • BB Code #: 9019

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Bill Wenger
November 25, 2022

Ive always got fast and courteous service.

Richard Holloway
September 15, 2022

Got a new shaft for my driver at a very good price.

A. K. Berrett
August 16, 2023

Great products, good price and excellent, fast friendly service

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