TaylorMade New 2022 STEALTH & STEALTH PLUS Round and Slider(Fade & Draw) Headweights Drivers & Fairway


Billy Bob’s  New 2022 TaylorMade STEALTH & PLUS Round and Slider Headweights Drivers & Fairway

Made for Drivers & Woods  (Back Heel Round Weight and Slider Draw and Fade Weight)

Draw and Fade Slider (F&D)  Weight Available 2g, 4g,6g,7g,10g,12g,14g,16g

Round Heel Weight Available 2g,4g, 6g, 8g, 10g,12g,14g 

  Special Note*  The 8 gram Weight will not work in the Fairway Models due to the Heads receiver hole is restrictive. a little sanding with a Dremil tool will solve the Problem, also Use a Little drop of Blue Lock Tite on the threads is recommended, keeping the Weight from loosing causing rattle.

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