TaylorMade 2020 SIM Sliding and Heel Headweights Driver Only


 TaylorMade has come out with the New SIM Driver for 2020.  The front Slider Weight Adjust the Fade and Draw and the Heel Weight Adjust the rear Inertia. As TaylorMade calls this design “An asymmetric sole design and powerful new Inertia Generator”  All these can be used for many adjustments.  Note* Try to use the Torque Wrench Slider weight only, the back heel weight Is a 20 Torx Bit (which We supply)    (Small Note; the Max and the Max D Driver Heel Weight Both are different and will not fit the SIM Driver… Also the SIM Slider will only fit RH Clubs)

Slider Weight Available 4g,6g,8g,10g,12g,14g,16g,18g, 20g

Heel Back-Weight Available 5g,7g, 9g, 11g, 13g, 15g, 19g, 21g  (R-H Drivers only)