SuperStroke S Tech Cord & Rubber Grip


The New S-Tech club grip has a soft, tacky feel from a premium rubber compound that delivers excellent feedback and control. The CROSS-TRACTION™ surface texture provides an incredible non-slip surface in all weather conditions, which enhances control and performance.


  • Length: 10.7″
  • Weight: 50g
  • Core: 0.60″
  • Diameter: 1.10”

Standard S-Tech

  • Length: 10.44″
  • Weight: 50g
  • Core: 0.60″
  • Diameter: 1.11”

Midsize S-Tech

  • Length: 10.44″
  • Weight: 65g
  • Core: 0.60″
  • Diameter: 1.25”

*Diameter is measured at the butt end of the club grip.

*Please Note: Billy Bob’s Golf ONLY sells Genuine OEM grips.  Absolutely no fake or counterfeit grips are used at our facility.

Weight: lbs
  • Grip Color: Black | Red | Grey | Blue | Black Cord | White Cord
  • Grip Size: Standard | Midsize

Superstroke Grips



Not too long ago, all golfers basically used the same grips. SuperStroke was created to change that. In 2009, we launched a radically different line of putter grips. We knew they would help golfers shoot lower scores. What we didn’t know was how quickly they would change the game.To date, SuperStroke grips have been used to earn more than $500 million in major championships and PGA Tour events. They’ve also helped amateurs around the world shoot career-low rounds and earn important bragging rights over friends and family.As scientific as golf has become, it will always be a game that blends art and science. And that’s just as true when it comes to golf grips. From driver to putter, we all golf our own unique way. Our bodies are different. Our swings are different. We all need different things to play our best. 

What Our Clients Say

Based on 18 Reviews
Eric Chung
August 19, 2019

Justin from Billy Bob's helped me getting my clubs re-shafted. He was very considerate about getting swing weights to be the same throughout my iron set. I needed to change lie angles for the irons as well as my grips. Phenomenal job on the whole set and I respect his craftsmanship on the work he has done for my irons. I am glad I was able to visit this store and got this job done here.

jack griffin
February 24, 2018

John did a great job on fixing my club. They have everything needed to fix any type of Club

Richard Holloway
September 15, 2022

Got a new shaft for my driver at a very good price.

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