Steel Shaft Extensions


Steel Shaft Extension fits most Standard and Lady’s Steel Shafts.

Larger diam. for Alloy Shafts.

AVAILABLE SIZES: .580 (yellow)   .600 (red)   .620 (green)

See Complete Descriptions, Spec. Below

AVAILABLE SIZES: .580 (yellow) .600 (red).620 (green)

I’ve had so many requests for steel extensions that I have decided to produce them!

Just recreating another double crushed end tube would not be my style, so I made the insertion tip longer for better adhesion, back weighting, and counter balancing. They also have a chrome style finish so if you need to use it for a belly putter extension you can leave it exposed.

This is the difference between a standard steel shaft extension and Billy Bob Steel Shaft Extension: Example: a 1” inch regular extension on a club will increase the swing weight from 6 to 7 swing weight points. Billy Bob Steel Extensions at 1”inch will increase the swing weight by only 3 points. This is due to the insertion going farther into the shaft to counter balance the swing weight, which makes the Swing Weight Adjustment more Flexible and a much Better Epoxy Bond. Cut in Half There is 2 insertion tips to use on two clubs. 

Steel Shaft Extension fits most Standard and Lady’s Steel Shafts,  Larger diam. for Alloy Shafts.

Try them! I know you will like them…once you use ours you won’t use anybody else’s !

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Weight:0.15 lbs

  • Shaft Extension Size: .580 ID, .600 ID, .620 ID

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jack griffin
February 24, 2018

John did a great job on fixing my club. They have everything needed to fix any type of Club

Jimbo Franklin
December 9, 2023

Billy Bobs Golf is the Best Place for any Golfing Repair product and most All other Golfing needs. National Golf is Proud to say that Tish and everyone else at Billy Bobs is Above all the rest, by miles!!!

David Lee
January 2, 2024

I just want to say they are very professional and friendly. I am very satisfied with their service, and I definitely recommend this place. I want to say special thanks to Justin. My clubs are amazing!!!

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