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PURE Wrap features a symmetrical, perforated texture designed to minimize hand-and-wrist strain while delivering maximum comfort and performance. This classic grip was specifically engineered to offer a softer feel, reduced torque, and enhanced tackiness. Great for those with joint strain concerns.

TEXTURE & FEEL: Tacky, but softer on impact

Weight:0.2 lbs

  • Select Grip Color/ Size: Black Standard 600 Round | Orange Standard 600 Round | Blue Standard 600 Round | White Standard 600 Round | Grey Midsize 600 Round

Pure Grips
From their exceptional feel to their excellent durability to their easy installation, PURE Grips are revolutionizing the golf grip market. Take a look at all the ways PURE Grips can improve your game.

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January 20, 2018

Excellent service

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April 14, 2023


Jimbo Franklin
December 9, 2023

Billy Bobs Golf is the Best Place for any Golfing Repair product and most All other Golfing needs. National Golf is Proud to say that Tish and everyone else at Billy Bobs is Above all the rest, by miles!!!

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