Ping New G 425 Driver Head Weights 7,9,11,13,15,26,28,30,33,35


Billy Bob’s Ping G 425 Factory Replacement Headweights for the Drivers . These head weights will fit the G 425 Drivers,  The weights provided are; Driver Tungsten are more Expensive   EACH SOLD SEPARATELY    7,9,11,13,15,26T,28T,30T,33T,35T Gram increments.  FYI:  The Max Driver Standard Weight is 26 grams.  The LST  Driver Standard Weight is 17 grams.  The SFT Driver  Weight is 23 grams.

Special Note* Most Weight are Now Install at the factory with (Lock Tite) due to many club returns to the Factory with loose weights or rattling, so to alleviate this problem that’s what their doing. Removing the weight use a little heat in the weight to loosen the Lock tight and the Screw will come out.