KINETIXX® Ballistic 80,95,110 Iron Shafts .355, Taper Tip, &.370 Parallel Single Shafts 1,2,3,W, 4-PW Sets


KG 80, 95, 110 IRON SHAFTS ARE ADVANCED COMPOSITE NEXT GENERATION, STEEL SHAFT REPLACEMENT TECHNOLOGY, OPTIMAL FOR PLAYERS GAMING 45-65g DRIVER SHAFTS AND CAPABLE OF ACHIEVING HEAD SPEED IN THE RANGES AS DEFINED ACCORDING TO EACH FLEX. FEATURING A Mid-Balance, MID Kick point advanced composite hybrid-specific shaft that delivers balanced strength from butt to tip, producing a medium-high Ballistic shot trajectory with exceptional feel.

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All Paderson Iron Shafts  Need NO Tip Trimming… All are pre-timed for exact Frequency…  But Trim Only


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