Lamkin Calibrate Grips (ST+2 Hybrid, Sonar Tour, Sonar Wrap)


Calibrated Grips…pronounced reminder strip… Each grip is designed to suit the different preferences of feel. Material, feedback, surface texture, tackiness, and grip taper are the key characteristics that help distinguish a grip’s unique attributes.

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The “Smooth Tack” Genesis Material is incorporated into two distinct zones that provide more traction in the upper hand and a larger, softer, and more tactile feel in the lower hand. Infusing this hybrid with Calibrate, our pronounced reminder strip technology creates more clubface awareness, accuracy, and feel.


Weight:.03 lbs

  • Grip Calibrate Model: ST Hybrid Ribbed with Calibrate | Sonar Tour Ribbed with Calibrate | Sonar Wrap 60-Ribbed with Calibrate
  • Grip Size: Midsize-60 Ribbed | Standard-60 Ribbed


Trusted by top tour players & millions of worldwide golfers

Over $300 million in Tour EarningsPlayers using Lamkin Grips have won more than 100 PGA Tour events and collected over $300,000,000 in earnings.Over 90 Years of Experience Since 1925, Lamkin Grips has been committed to providing players with a more consistent, confident and enjoyable golfing experience.Million OEM Grips Sold For nearly a century, Lamkin Grips has provided more grips to premium club manufacturers than any other grip maker.

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Won Kim
May 25, 2021

quick n nice service n reasonable price.

Eric Chung
August 19, 2019

Justin from Billy Bob's helped me getting my clubs re-shafted. He was very considerate about getting swing weights to be the same throughout my iron set. I needed to change lie angles for the irons as well as my grips. Phenomenal job on the whole set and I respect his craftsmanship on the work he has done for my irons. I am glad I was able to visit this store and got this job done here.

Scott Campbell
March 30, 2024

I have always gone here for Titleist Driver head weights and they are top quality. Great service, good people, awesome products!

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