Lamkin SINKFIT Putter Grips (Deep V, Straight, Skinny, Pistol Rubber, Deep Etched)

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Introducing the SINKFIT Polyurethane Putter Grips! And the Traditional Rubber Paddle Grip.  The exclusive FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY provides comfortable surface texture for added confidence and control of lightweight under-listing compounds.

*Please Note: Billy Bob’s Golf ONLY sells Genuine OEM grips.  Absolutely no fake or counterfeit grips are used at our facility.

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Lightweight, secure feel. Fluid stroke. A two-part sleeved grip engineered with a lightweight under-listing compound and our comfortably familiar-feeling rubber outer sleeve with Fingerprint Technology.

Comes Standard or Midsized





SINKFIT Rubber Pistol-Black & Red,  Rubber Straight-Black & Blue

Classic rubber pistol. Modern feel. The Sinkfit Pistol Rubber (Black & Blue) grip features Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology and Genesis Material. Together, these technologies provide a responsive feel, optimized surface tack, and unmatched durability. Fingerprint Technology and Genesis Material provide a responsive putting feel, optimized surface tack, and unmatched durability. Its contoured shape promotes proper wrist alignment to ensure consistent mechanics. Perfect for golfers with a Straight-Back (Black & Red) Straight-through Stroke that utilizes a claw, palm-to-palm, fingers down the shaft, or split-hand putting grip style.








SINKFIT Skinny Pistol Classic Rubber

As the thinnest grip in the Sinkfit line, the Sinkfit Skinny Pistol-Blue & Green and  Black & Grey features Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology and Genesis Material to provide a secure feel, optimized surface tack, and unmatched durability. Perfect for players utilizing traditional, reverse overlap, or cross-handed grip styles who prefer a thin pistol shape.









Deep Etched Paddle

 A longtime Tour favorite now features our softer-feeling Genesis Material, enhancing the performance it’s already known for. Its prominent horizontal etched pattern, traditional paddle, and smaller profile provide maximum responsiveness, while its Deep-Etch design is ideal for golfers with an arc or arc-to-straight putting style when utilizing a traditional, reverse overlap, or cross-handed grip style.











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  • Grip Model: Deep V Standard | Deep V Midsize | SINKFIT Pistol-Black & Blue | Rubber Straight-Black & Grey | Pistol | Straight


Trusted by top tour players & millions of worldwide golfers

Over $300 million in Tour EarningsPlayers using Lamkin Grips have won more than 100 PGA Tour events and collected over $300,000,000 in earnings.Over 90 Years of Experience Since 1925, Lamkin Grips has been committed to providing players with a more consistent, confident and enjoyable golfing experience.Million OEM Grips Sold For nearly a century, Lamkin Grips has provided more grips to premium club manufacturers than any other grip maker.

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Won Kim
May 25, 2021

quick n nice service n reasonable price.

Put new grips on my clubs, nice clean job, i hope to take stokes off my game. Thanks.

Richard Holloway
September 15, 2022

Got a new shaft for my driver at a very good price.

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