Lamkin SINKFIT Polyurethane Putter Grips (Square Top, Pistol Claw, Pistol, Straight)

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Introducing the SINK FIT Polyurethane Putter Grips! The exclusive FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY provides comfortable surface texture for added confidence and control of lightweight under-listing compounds.

*Please Note: Billy Bob’s Golf ONLY sells Genuine OEM grips.  Absolutely no fake or counterfeit grips are used at our facility.

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SINKFIT Squaretop Polyurethane

Down-the-line stroke. Intuitive feel. Tour size’s novel shape helps keep the putter’s face square at impact, while its subtle pistol shape underside, parallel sides, and square top enhance “down-the-line” stroke control.




SINKFIT Pistol Claw Polyurethane

Innovative design. Perfect balance.Designed in concert with Justin Rose for players who putt claw-style. This truly innovative grip integrates a pistol-to-square shape to provide proper balance in both hands, enhancing neutral hand action through the stroke.




SINKFIT Pistol Polyurethane

Classic polyurethane pistol. Modern Feel. The Sinkfit Pistol Polyurethane grip features Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology. Together, these technologies provide a responsive feel, optimized surface tack, and unmatched durability.




SINKFIT Straight Polyurethane

Lightweight, secure feel. Fluid stroke. A two-part sleeved grip engineered with a lightweight under-listing compound and our comfortably familiar-feeling rubber outer sleeve with Fingerprint Technology. By combining the two, we achieve the traction, durability, and feel of rubber while providing the lightweight characteristics of polyurethane underlisting grips.


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  • Grip Model: Square Top | Pistol Claw | Pistol | Straight


Trusted by top tour players & millions of worldwide golfers

Over $300 million in Tour Earnings Players using Lamkin Grips have won more than 100 PGA Tour events and collected over $300,000,000 in earnings. Over 90 Years of Experience Since 1925, Lamkin Grips has been committed to providing players with a more consistent, confident and enjoyable golfing experience. Million OEM Grips Sold For nearly a century, Lamkin Grips has provided more grips to premium club manufacturers than any other grip maker.

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David Lee
January 2, 2024

I just want to say they are very professional and friendly. I am very satisfied with their service, and I definitely recommend this place. I want to say special thanks to Justin. My clubs are amazing!!!

Eric Chung
August 19, 2019

Justin from Billy Bob's helped me getting my clubs re-shafted. He was very considerate about getting swing weights to be the same throughout my iron set. I needed to change lie angles for the irons as well as my grips. Phenomenal job on the whole set and I respect his craftsmanship on the work he has done for my irons. I am glad I was able to visit this store and got this job done here.

Jimbo Franklin
December 9, 2023

Billy Bobs Golf is the Best Place for any Golfing Repair product and most All other Golfing needs. National Golf is Proud to say that Tish and everyone else at Billy Bobs is Above all the rest, by miles!!!

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