KINETIXX® ONE Black Iron (One Length) 110g Iron Shafts .370 Parallel Single Shafts 1,2,3,W, 4-PW Sets Only (Incl. PURE®ing)


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  1. Maximizing swing efficiency and optimizing clubhead performance. Each single-length iron shaft combines strategically positioned variable kick and balance points with gradient torque and frequency progression to optimize launch conditions and ensure a fit option for every golfer’s swing throughout a set of single-length irons.
  2. Long, Mid, and Short iron shafts are designed to harmonize trajectory and maximize distance gapping in all corresponding iron head lofts.
  3. Mirroring the performance of the mid irons, Long Irons are finally easy to hit and forgiving. They fly higher and longer with more spin and increased ball speed than conventionally built sets of irons, have longer playing lengths, and have lighter head weights.
  4. Shorter irons are designed to generate precise distance and target control accuracy, optimizing launch conditions and playability as never before seen in a set of irons.
  5. Three (3) shafts, Long: Mid: Short, designed to optimize fit, player performance and function of each and every iron. One Trajectory, SINGLE LENGTH iron shafts, superior down range target performance!















Weight: lbs

  • Shaft Model Weight: One Length 110g
  • Flex Code: 30 Stiff Flex | 40 X Stiff Flex
  • 4-PW Set Single 1,2,3: 4-PW | 1Iron | 2 Iron | 3 Iron | GW | SW | LW

Kinetixx Shafts
KINETIXX® loaded shaft technologies are the worlds most advanced array of demonstrably unique, visibly tailored, precision crafted, swing interactive golf shaft technologies to enter the market. PADERSON® KINETIXX® loaded shafts, are the genuine confluence of materials and craftsmanship.

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March 30, 2024

I have always gone here for Titleist Driver head weights and they are top quality. Great service, good people, awesome products!

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