Grip Solvent


We at Billy Bob’s have found a nonflammable, non-toxic, non-ozone depleting, low VOC. HF-100 is completely ODC free and proper use can reduce VOC emission by up to 70%. Engineered to have a slower evaporation rate, this minimizes ventilation requirements and is reusable. When used as directed, HF-100 is very economical using 50% less than standard solvents. HF-100 is odorless and colorless and works with any double sided grip tape.  HF-100 is available in:  Quarts…Gallons…5 Gal Bucket

Following the 5 Step Easy Grip Process allows for normal set-up time, playable in 10-15 minutes, without the need for any oven drying. View our HF-100 application video.