Accra Gen2 Tour Z SIX Wood, Fairway, Hybrids, D Irons (Includes Adaptor Tip & Pure®d for Driver and Fairway Only) Excludes Driving Iron Shaft)


Gen2 Tour Z SIX Wood, Fairway, and Hybrid….Driver 50g,60g,70g,80g,100g, Fairway 75g, 95g Hybrid, Driving Iron 95g  (Includes Adaptor Tip & PURE®d Driver and Fairway Only, Hybrid Excluded)

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Gen2 Tour Z SIX Wood, Fairway, and Hybrid ….Driver 50g,60g,70g,80g,100g, Fairway 75g, 95g Hybrid, Driving Iron 95g

TZ Six is a revolutionary design combining a uniquely responsive and torsionally stable tip section that transitions into a firm butt section. This combination generates power without sacrificing stability and results in a higher initial launch that flattens due to the controlled spin rates.

TZ Six incorporates the same technologies and aerospace materials that drove it to become ACCRA’s most successful shaft ever. Its versatility allows it to fit all levels of golfers, from the longest hitters on premiere tours worldwide to golfers playing a local muni on the weekend. TZ Six offers weight and flex options for discerning golfers of all levels.

TZ Six is lighter, faster, and looks better than any Tour Z we’ve ever produced. It now features matching fairway wood, hybrid, and driving iron options, all utilizing similar technologies to create a consistent flight and feel throughout a golfer set.

(Includes Adaptor Tip & PURE®d Driver and Fairway Only)

Weight:1 lbs

  • Gen2 Shaft Model 6: Gen2 TZ6 50g Driver | Gen2 TZ6 60g Driver | Gen2 TZ6 70g Driver | Gen2 TZ6 80g Driver | Gen2 TZ6 90g Driver | Gen2 TZ6 75g Fairway | Gen2 TZ6 85g Hybrid | TZSix 95 DI | TZSix 95 DI
  • Shaft Flex: M3 R Flex, M4 S Flex, M5 XS Flex

ACCRA has been a leader on PGA Tours around the globe, with multiple wins every season since its introduction on PGA, European PGA, Champions, Nationwide, and LPGA tours. More than 60 wins can be attributed to players using ACCRA shafts on the PGA and Euro PGA Tours since our inception. ACCRA shafts are played and have multiple victories on the LPGA, Champions, NCAA, and at club championships all over the world. But what we are most proud of is the number of $2 Nassaus that have been contested by discerning golfers around the world using ACCRA shafts. ACCRA’s dedication to Professional Club Fitters is unparalleled. Working exclusively with more than 400 of the world’s best club fitters and club builders, ACCRA accesses this unique knowledge base when designing new products.

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Jose Moreno
January 20, 2018

Excellent service

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May 25, 2021

quick n nice service n reasonable price.

Danielle Cruz
August 10, 2022

Billy Bob's is the best. They are always helpful on the phone, and most importantly they do great work. It can be tough to find competent clubmakers - Justin is fantastic and does impeccable work. I trust my clubs in his hands, and I will always go to Billy Bob's for my supplies.

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