Accra FX Series 3.0 140,150,160,250,260,270,360,370,380 Driver,100,200,300,Fairway, Hybrids


ACCRA is synonymous with professional fitting and the ACCRA Fx line has defined fitting more than any shaft model ever developed in the golf shaft industry. ACCRA Fx has evolved! fine tuning the ultimate fitting line of shaft with a new design, exciting new graphics and 3 distinct profiles to enhance the fitting process. Each series incorporates a unique profile designed specifically for individual swing eccentricities. Not only does Fx 3.0 offers 3 unique launch conditions, utilizing S3 shaft blueprinting technologies and EI analysis, we achieve this with three designs.

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FX Series 3.0 Driver 140,150,160     100 Series  Fairway, Hybrids

FX Series 3.0 Driver 250,260,270      200 Series  Fairway, Hybrids

FX Series 3.0  Driver 360,370,380     300 Series Fairway, Hybrids

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