Counter Balance Butt Weight Kit


We at Billy Bob’s came up with a Machined Counter Balancing Weight which is very simple to install and economical when building a set of clubs, or when needing to offset heavy golf clubs or longer length clubs. Counter Balancing has become very popular. It allows the club to create a faster club head speed by shifting the balance point closer to the butt of the shaft. There are many products out there that are very expensive, such as brass insertion, self-locking, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We are just offering an economical alternative.

Simply remove the grip or before you grip the club and install the proper weight in the shaft butt. They fit graphite shafts and iron shafts with .600 Butt.

Available Weights in:  8,12,16,20,24,32 Grams  and for Putter Shafts  40,60,80,100 Grams  Total 75 weights in the Kit

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