CMX® Shaft Clamping System ( Vise or Bench Mount ) 5-1/2 ” Jaws


This is the New Billy Bob Shaft Clamping System by CMX®.  Just like our Shaft Extractor, our Shaft Clamping System is machined from Billet Aircraft Aluminum, it makes your repair tasks as easy as possible, our Shaft Clamping System has a positive Clean Ratchet Mechanism and the Clamping Jaws are 5 1/2″ of solid gripping power (same as our Shaft Extractor).  The Clamping System can be easily Mounted on a Vise over your Gripping Station or Mounted on a bench. The quality of this tool is so Good that we Guarantee it for as long as you own it*.

*(Except for the Jaws which can wear – we have replacements if needed)

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