CMX® Adams XTD Ti, XTD 3 Degree Adjustable Sleeve


The CMX® Adams XTD Drivers  have full 3 Degree adjustment, +1.5 o Higher Loft to -1.5 Lower Loft and with 12 settings open and closing and lie adjustments, This can give you many different settings. We at Billy Bob’s developed our CMX® line of adjustable adaptors a little different. We made the sleeve a little taller and there is No Ferrule needed, which makes Removing and Replacing shafts easier. We made them to have a 1 1/2 inch shaft insertion. All adjustment setting are marked clearly on the sleeve. Also they are interchangeable with both the R1 and Stage 2 heads and the New SLDR, and the New TaylorMade JetSpeed, and the New Adams XTD Ti. They are all interchangeable…. so if you want your Stage 2 3 degree, it can be change to 4 degree just use the R1 sleeve. They are available in R-H and L-H. .335 and .350