CMX® Hot Melt Glue Weight System Hot Melt Glue


This is the System that’s used in the Tour Vans and the Large High Volume Custom Repair Shops, its not something you get from you local hardware store, nor is the Hot Melt Glue packs it comes with. This is used for weighting Heads and allowing you to place the weight in certain places in the head, this adjust the MOI and Center of Gravity, it’s also used for damping the sound if you want, depending on the glue placement inside the head. The gun comes with special glue packs that are specific for these applications.

There are two types of Tip Nozzles Straight and Curved which are Sold Separately. The gun comes with standard nozzle but we don’t recommend it for proper glue placement inside the head.

Note* Photo shown with Straight Tip and Must purchase Separately its not included.  (Please Allow 1-2 Weeks Delivery)