Callaway Plastic Ball End Cap fits all the Adjustable Sleeves


This is the replacement ball end cap that will fit most Callaway Adjustable Sleeves. The older version Adjustable Sleeves such as the Razr Fit, Opti Fit  and the Tour Fit sleeves were made with a hard plastic which fractured or cracked, we’ve had requests to have a Replacement for these and you should have a few in your shop if needed.  We make them out of a softer and more pliable ABS.

If you would like to use our Billy Bob CMX® Adjustable Collars such as the Razr fit 2 degree Collar (OEM standard is only 1 degree)  or the use the Billy Bob Opti-fit Tour Double Cog Collar on you Razr-fit, now changing it to a Opti-Fit Tour Sleeve….You can now do so without the fear of cracking the plastic Ball End Cap.

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