Universal Brass Hosel Shim


We have had so many request for these Brass Shims, we decided to conform. So we made them the Billy Bob’s Way

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I was never a fan of brass shims, so I designed them to be Universal… they will work to adapt a .335 to .350  also .335 to .370 and they will work to adapt a .355 taper tip to a .370 parallel tip iron.  I created a dome curvature down the middle when compressed would fill the wanted space, and in turn the cut edge of the metal shim moves towards the side metal hosel.  So now you have the best of both worlds. We also contoured the shim edges and smoothed them for less abrasion to graphite shaft tips.

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jack griffin
February 24, 2018

John did a great job on fixing my club. They have everything needed to fix any type of Club

Bill Wenger
November 25, 2022

Ive always got fast and courteous service.

Elite Mobile
April 14, 2023


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