Billy Bob’s CMX® A-Fit Adaptor Fits The Ping Anser Driver & Woods & G25


The New Ping Anser Driver and Fairway Woods and G-25 are now on the market, we at Billy Bob’s have come up with a CMX A-Fit Aftermarket Sleeve that will fit the Anser Drivers and Woods.
We made them different than the OEM, they are a bit Longer in Length with more shaft insertion, and with 3 Different Adjustments: Plus or Minus ¼ Degree, a Plus or Minus ½ Degree Adjustment (standard) and a Plus or Minus ¾ Degree Adjustment, and a  Full 1o Degree…. they are available in .335 and .350 R-H and L-H Versions. So now you have many different variations of Adjustment