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The QUARANTA® Sapphire is a high-performance, ultra-lightweight sub-50 gram golf shaft. It has a smooth bend profile that provides a responsive tip and mid-section, balanced by a more stable butt-section. The QUARANTA® Sapphire is lighter weight and has a lower torque than the QUARANTA® Blue Series, features premium ion plating, and is strengthened with high-modulus MR70 carbon fiber that helps it launch lower, with a flatter ball flight. The ALDILA® QUARANTA™ Sapphire features a premium Ion Plated (IP) finish and high modulus MR70 carbon fiber for added strength and stability.



QUARANTA® Sapphire 40A46.0470.3353.00.5985.1MIDPARALLEL
QUARANTA® Sapphire 40R46.0490.3353.00.6005.1MIDPARALLEL
QUARANTA® Sapphire 40S46.0510.3353.00.6025.0MIDPARALLEL
QUARANTA® Sapphire 50R46.0520.3353.00.6024.7MIDPARALLEL
QUARANTA® Sapphire 50S/R46.0550.3353.00.6064.6MIDPARALLEL
QUARANTA® Sapphire 50S46.0560.3353.00.6084.6MIDPARALLEL


The QUARANTA® Gold brings the “ultra” to ultra-lightweight premium performance. The first ALDILA® series to offer a sub-40g option, these high-performance shafts remain remarkably stable even as low and lively as a 35 R2 flex. The QUARANTA® Series is now lighter and stronger than ever, yet QUARANTA® Gold maintains the smooth profile and optimal flex desired by better players choosing to play an ultra-lightweight shaft. High-modulus MR70 carbon fiber is added to the tip section to provide additional strength and contribute to a design that is lighter, tighter, and more responsive. Raising the ultra-lightweight bar once again.



QUARANTA Gold 35R246390.33530.5887.5LOW
QUARANTA Gold 35R46420.33530.5967.4LOW
QUARANTA Gold 45R246440.33530.5945.6LOW
QUARANTA Gold 45R46470.33530.5985.5LOW
QUARANTA Gold 45S46480.33530.6005.1LOW
QUARANTA Gold 55R246540.33530.5965.4LOW
QUARANTA Gold 55R46570.33530.5985.2LOW
QUARANTA Gold 55S46580.33530.6025.1LOW

Weight:1.5 lbs
  • Shaft Model: QUARANTA™ Gold 35 | QUARANTA® Gold 45 | QUARANTA® Gold 55 | QUARANTA® Sapphire 40 | QUARANTA® Sapphire 50
  • Select Shaft Flex: R2 Flex, W-Flex, S/R Flex, A Flex, Stiff Flex, R Flex

What impresses me most about this Shaft Manufacture… is the Cutting Edge Engineers behind this Company

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Dennis Reahle
June 21, 2023

As usual everything went great. Justin does an excellent job of making golf shafts and making things right. I will continue to do business with them. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable.

Jose Moreno
January 20, 2018

Excellent service

Justin McPhail
February 13, 2018

The absolute best place to order club making parts, especially adapters. The crew at Billy Bob's is extremely knowledgeable, and stand behind all of their products. I will never use eBay, Amazon, or GolfWorks for ordering specialty parts for clubmaking again. The customer service at Billy Bob's and the quality of the product is above all others for aftermarket building materials and they will treat you like family if you ever have any questions or concerns. On multiple occasions I have had a problem or question and they always pick up the phone with helpful answers and even have offered full replacements of their product when I lost a part. The best ever at what they do and I will never go anywhere else for my clubmaking materials.

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