Aerotech Powercoil Wood Shafts RH50, RH65


Golf Shafts for Woods and Drivers / Powercoil HP50 & HP65

Design & Technology

  • Filament-wound design provides computer-controlled precision during construction.
  • 45 Degree Layer: 45 degree fiber for torsional stiffness and strength
  • 0 Degree Layer: 0 degree fiber for longitudinal bending stiffness and strength

Powercoil HP50
The Powercoil HP50 is one of the best ultra-lightweight golf wood shaft values in golf today.

Powercoil HP65
Delivering the same great value as its sister shaft, the HP50, the Powercoil HP65 is designed for players looking for a slightly stiffer tip and lower ball flight than the 50-gram shaft.



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