Aerotech ALT 470 Driver & Iron Shafts


Golf Shafts for Woods and Drivers / Alt 470

The ALT470’s super flexible stiffness profile allows even the slowest speeds to load the golf shaft properly resulting in increased launch angles, higher spin rates and longer hang time.

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Design & Technology

Extremely Light Weight Flexible Shaft

Design minimizes variations in stiffness around the shaft’s circumference with Aerotech’s Powercoil hoop wound surface layer

Virtually no unwanted clubhead oscillation and shaft deformation during the swing

Aerotech’s lightest and most flexible iron shaft90° hoop wound surface layer eliminates shaft distortion

Increased swing speed and reduced fatigue through ultra-light weight technology

Tip section design generates optimal spin rates and launch angles for slower swing speeds

Vibration control properties for reduced repetitive use injuries


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