Adams CMX® Adjustable Sleeve 4 Different Adjustments


We at Billy Bob’s Developed a Aftermarket Adjustable Sleeve,  CMX®  that fits the Adams Old and New line of Drivers, it fits the Adams Fast Speedline Tech, the Super LS Speedline, Super S Speedline, it is different than the Factory sleeve. We made Four Different Sleeves with Three Different Adjustments;    2o (Standard),   3o and 4o

They are all interchangeable and will fit all the Speedline Drivers.  You can make that old Speedline Tech or the New Super S  from  8o to 12o Driver. We made them in Red to match the Red on the Driver Head…. Looks Cool! ….We make all our sleeves here in the USA.

Available in R-H or L-H .335 and .350