Accra iSeries V2 Irons 40i,50i,60i,70i,80i,T90i,T100i,T110i Ti Mesh


ACCRA iSeries iron shafts feature many aspects of previous ACCRA iSeries shafts, but most importantly, ACCRA engineers have added a added weight as a fitting variable. Once a weight is selected, each weight can be adjusted to, up to, five different flexes. A certified ACCRA fitter also possesses to ability to create a set of flighted iron shafts by mixing two to three different weights within a set.  The new ACCRA iSeries features the same high modulus composite materials to ensure a smooth feel and enhanced performance. We have engineered a shaft that offers unsurpassed stability for tight dispersion without sacrificing feel. The iSeries proprietary constant taper design adds to the overall stability while maximizing energy transfer.

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