This is a series of instructional videos that teaches you to repair all the different specialty club heads, Callaway, Taylormade, PING, Titleist and more that are on the market today. Many OEMs change and complicate the repair process on many of the clubs that are made today. Many use different shaft tip sizes, plastic gaping devices and odd sized configurations that make repairs difficult.

These videos are provided at no charge for all valuable Billy Bob’s customers and they show you how to simplify repairs. They provide many tool tips through out the videos which you will find very useful.

Why take a chance to damage a $500.00 driver. Repair it with confidence and charge more for your expertise.

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Billy Bob’s Golf Instructional Video Training Series

Part 1 – Welcome

Part 2 – Replacement Ferrules

Part 3 – Shaft Adapters: Ping Drivers and Fairway Woods

Part 4 – Adapters: Great Big Bertha II, VFT ERC II Etc.

Part 5 – Shaft Adapters: Taylormade Series 5, r7, r5

Part 6 – Nike Ferrules and Hosel Shaft Plug/p>

Part 7 – Collared Ferrule Line

Part 8 – Replacement Sleeves: Titelist 905 and 907

Part 9 – .335 – .350 Perforated Shaft Adapter and .335 – .365 adapter

Part 10 – .335 Graphite and Metal shaft extentions

Part 11 – Adapters for Wilson Fat Shaft Drivers.

Part 12 – Replacement Sleeve for Callaway C4

Part 13 – Loft and Lie Adapter Ferrules

Part 14 – Shaft Puller and Club Builder’s Specialty Tools