Reviews and Krank Formula Fire Testimonials

I’m playing the 10.5 Fire head at standard setting in a Aerotech MX 60 shaft.
Same shaft as in my prior Krank XX 10.5* head. While my speeds are slow (and old) I’m consistently ~20-25 yards longer with the beautiful Fire head than the XX head.
Strongly recommend the Fire !!Just ordered (4) Fire FW clubs to complement the Driver.
Maintaining distance as we age is essential!
Thanks Lance!

Al Humphrey
Monroe, GA
Professional AGCP Club Fitter

Your clubs are shockingly longer than anything I have hit in recent years. I am a former +2 handicap in my 50s, but I have now been slowed by injuries and advancing age. The Krank head and shaft are matched perfectly. I can feel the head releasing through the ball on impact. An amazing feeling. Thank you Krank for such a wonderful product. A satisfied customer! I highly recommend their product.

John Sundahl

I just got mine couple weeks ago along with 3 wood. Love both, best I’ve ever hit???

Albie Valdez

I just purchased the new Fire High COR driver and I have been very impressed. Mostly by the outstanding customer service and focus they provide in getting your new driver tuned for you specifically. Best experience I have had with any club manufacturer. You are not just getting a new driver your getting a team dedicated to making sure they deliver results to the consumer. No other manufacturer has that level of support!!!

Chris Perry

Bought my Fire Driver, took a while to get, but well worth it. Love it, straighter and longer. Exactly what I was looking for. I’m a senior golfer, age 67, swing speed just over 100, was driving about 220, now I’m a consistent 245… love it. Thanks, Krank Golf ⛳️ for the great driver!

Stephen Sullins

Bought a 10.5 degree last year. Love it. Hitting it 20 yards farther then my Callaway.

Joshua Schwartz

Lance, thanks so much for the new Krank Fire X! I played in a big tournament last weekend and this is unreal. I have been studying and trying drivers and driver shaft since the late 70’s. This head is by far the best head I have ever hit.

Chris Trumble

Purchased a Fire X Driver, you named it right! I’m 58 and a 22 handicap went from averaging 225 to 260. Hit a couple to 300. “Simply amazing” I have not touched my 3,4,5 irons in a while thanks to Fire X. Can’t wait for the 3 & 5 wood to arrive. Lance when you are going to start making irons…Cheers


Just got the fire recently, I got the advertised extra 20. It is a good product. At 60 i was having trouble with any par 4s over 400. Not anymore.

Eric Pinkard

I just got my XX 2 weeks ago, and I am hitting my drives 20 to 35 yards longer. I just ordered the 5 and 7 wood. I am not getting paid for saying this. Starting to win money again

Ron Maloney

For Lance,

Hit my driver with the new shaft you sent me. Awesome! Like someone turned the clock back 20 years.
Can hardly wait to get my fairway woods. Thank you for

Steve Genetski

Last fall I purchased a set of your woods. As a senior my average drives may hit 200 yards on a good day. Today on three fairways I am now driving over 240 thanks to my new clubs. Here are the snap shots from my Garmin golf app. Not only my driver but my 3,5 and 7 woods are my favorite clubs.

Cheers And Stay Safe

Craig Birchall
Allport Marina

I am very pleased with my Krank XX driver. I have gained around 20 yards minimum. I hit a drive I measured to be 260 yards! Haven’t done that for 15 years.  Even if hit the ball on the toe, it still goes farther than my previous M4 driver. I am thinking of getting a 3 and 5 wood in near future.

Mark Jackson

Just won my club championship against a 15-year-old with my new Fire Driver. Kept up to her with it. What fun.

Nancy Chaffee

I have played with my new driver twice so far and it is by far the best driver i have ever hit i am an 80 year old man and i have in all my years have hit many different drivers but none have ever been as easy to hit as this one the feedback i get from the sound of contact is amazing played 2 18 hole rounds so far and have only missed the fairway 3 times fantastic driver! also have increased distance on most all hits!

William Rotella!

The new Krank Formula Fire LD heads are the fastest most stable head that Krank has produced. I feel in total control with every swing while achieving fast ball speeds with less spin. Highly recommend this head.


I’ve been reviewing Krank Golf for three years and this spring I decided to jump on board and I’m so glad I didn’t wait another minute I’m 63 years old and I first purchased the Krank Fire X driver and I immediately gained twenty plus yards of carry on my drives so I immediately purchased the Krank three wood now with both clubs in my bag I’m now reaching par fives in two that I was sixty yards short of with my previous driver and three wood. I’ve just recently purchased the Krank five wood and seven wood and with these addition’s to my golf bag I’m sure I will be able to take my Hybrid two iron and my 3,4,5 irons out of my bag. I’m so impressed with the Krank golf family and their customer service I will forever be grateful. Thank you sincerely very very satisfied customer.

Mark Crunk