TaylorMade SLDR Weight Instructions

TaylorMade SLDR Weights

Installation Instructions

First you must remove the metal cover, it is the weight stop, that keeps the SLDR weight from
coming through. Lift it up with small screw driver it has adhesive strip on the back, it needs to be
pried up.

As you see removing the metal stop strip will allow you to re

There is a threaded hole that
can be used for head weighting or hot melt or to reattach the Metal Plate.

You can use the extra screw we provide to just fill the screw hole if you wish, it’s easier and less work than drilling out the plate. But if you want to drill it out the instructions below will help you.

You can drill or re-apply foam tape adhesive which ever you prefer, drilling the hole in the plate, this will make removing and replacing weights much easier.

Mark the hole with a punch and drill small pilot hole. Then enlarge the hole to accept the sleeve screw. This will allow you to remove the sleeve stop and replace any weights you like.

This is the finished head, please allow approx.one haft swing weight for the addition of the screw, also you can just use the screw to stop the weight from coming out and close the threaded hole.