TaylorMade Loft and Lie Adapter Manual


BILLY BOB’S Loft and Lie Adaptor

Installation Instructions

Fits all TaylorMade Woods R7&R5

This adaptor will fit all the newer .350 hosel TaylorMade Clubs (R7, R5, SuperQuad, Burners, Ping G-5, G-10, and Rapture G-15. You must use a .335 shaft for this to work. or Ream out your
.335 head to .350. You will need to remove all of the epoxy residue within the hosel to assure good adhesion and have room for the shaft and the ferrule to rotate to the desired position. There will be a Mark on the Ferrule. (see Indicator Mark Line illustration above This is the indicator mark
that will allow you to see which position you need to face the ferrule for loft and lie. Once you
have achieved the proper angle, you can mark the top of the head so, when you glue the head and the shaft, you can go back to the position that you set. After the club has been glued and dried,
you can simply turn down the ferrule on the cloth belt to remove the indicator mark for aesthetic purposes.