Replacement Sleeve for Titleist 905



In the procedure explained below both the shaft and the sleeve have to be installed at the same time because of the epoxy filling the Patented Perforation in the New Billy Bob’s Sleeve, will make a better bond for the shaft. After removing the shaft, removal of the metal sleeve is necessary since the epoxy bond may have been broken when the heat was applied in removing the shaft originally. Titcilist says you don’t have to remove the sleeve. so why do they remove it in the tour vans for the Pro’s???? ( h’m wonder why)

Photo #1 Billy Bob’s

Photo #2 Tapping the inside of the old sleeve

Using a vise and pads, hold the head firmly so that the sleeve can be threaded on the inside using the tap from the Billy Bob’s Removal kit. See photo #1. Thread the inside of the hosel approx 3/4″ in depth, See photo #2.

Photo #3 Inserting threaded rod

Remove the tap, and thread the Billy Bob’s threaded rod in as far as it can be inserted. Thread the adjustment nut down onto the threaded rod, using just your fingers.See photo #3

Photo #4 Using a oe heat gun

Photo #5 Using Mitchell Shaft Extractor Photo

#6 Using Billy Bob’s Specialty Shaft Extractor

Apply heat too the club hosel with a heat gun and not a flame. Be patient. This will take awhile. Apply a little pressure extracting the club head from the sleeve. Be Patient! Keep applying heat, gently and always moving the heat source so as to not ruin the paint finish. Apply a little more presure with the shaft extractor (See Photo Examples #4, #5, #6). Keep on heating the club hosel and sole. In time, the sleeve will slide out but in order for this to happen, heat must be applied at all times

After the sleeve is removed, clean the opening of all old epoxy using a wire brush. Be careful, there is an opening into the head itself and the anti-rattle material may contaminate the interior surface and not allow the new epoxy to adhere to the head, if by chance you need to put new anti-rattle adhesive, you can use the port next to the bore-thru hosel on the sole of the club. Before proceeding, DRY FIT THE SLEEVE, SHAFT AND CLUB HEAD to make sure assembly is possible with the least amount of confusion, hesitation.

Clean and abrade with wire brush the outside and inside surface of the new Billy Bob’s Sleeve.

Mix and apply epoxy to the interior surface of the Titleist clubhead where the new sleeve will contact the head (onto the first inch of the top of the head and the last inch on the bottom of the head. Apply from the top and from the bottom.

Apply epoxy to the new Billy Bob’s Sleeve on the outside insuring there is epoxy in the openings in the new sleeve and insert into the head opening.

Insert until the collar on the new sleeve is flush with the top surface of the hosel.

Insert until the collar on the new sleeve ts flush with the top surface of the hosel.

Take note the new sleeve is longer than the original sleeve and protrudes out of the bottom surface of the clubhead’s sole, This is because there are two size heads the 905S and the 905T, the S being taller which the Billy Bob’s Sleeve will accommodate both club heads. You can finish it flush with the sole surface prior to installing the new shaft if you like, or after everything is epoxyed, then you can finish the bottom sole whichever is easier for you.