Replacement Sleeve for Cobra S2

Billy Bob’s Installation Instructions

Cobra S-2 Adjustable Sleeve Replacement Kit

Install a Replacement Sleeve that will allow a Complete 2o Adjustment on the Cobra S-2 Club Head

As per you’re request Billy Bob’s has come up with a Replacement Sleeve for the Cobra S-2. With the Billy Bob Adjustable Sleeve you will still be able tomake the same factory adjustments…3 positions= Open, Closed, and Neutral.
We then made the sleeve to fit our Complete line of Adaptors and Ferrules along with our loft and lie ferrule you will be able to Dial-in (Clock) any changes to the loft and lie, up Appox to 2 degrees, within a 360 degree
rotation, also increasing the open and close position as well. This will give you many more options than the Factory Club.
Kit includes: Billy Bob’s 2o Degree Adjustable (Clock) Ferrule, .335 Adaptor, .350 Factory Replacement Ferrule
As you can see there are many ways you can Adjust this Head to meet you or your customers needs. The diagram below will help you to see the many options you can make to this Cobra S 2. You can install a .335 shaft or a .350 shaft which ever you prefer, but with the Billy Bob’s Loft and Lie Clock Ferrule you must us a .335 shaft tip.
We suggest that you dry fit and align everything before the final assembly. A proper loft and aligning tool from Golf Works is a good investment for the Complete Golf Repair Shop, this will assure proper adjustments.

There will be a mark on the ferrule (see Indicator Mark Line illustration Fig. 2 above).This is the indicator mark that will allow you to see which position you need to face the ferrule for loft and lie. Aligning it with the mark on the metal sleeve (Fig.1). Once you have achieved the proper angle, with the indicators marks on the metal sleeve and the ferrule you can epoxy the shaft and sleeve together. After the sleeve has been glued and dried, you can simply turn down the ferrule on the cloth belt to remove the indicator mark for aesthetic purposes.

Billy Bob’s Loft & Lie (clock) Ferrule