CMX® Universal OEM Fitting System


This is showing you the many applications that can be combined with the OEM Adjustable sleeves

Our Patent Pending CMX®Threaded Top Ferrule System.

First Dry Fit and insert the Threaded Ferrule and Sleeve for proper depth.

First Dry Fit and insert the Threaded Ferrule and Sleeve…. uick note: When checking shaft depths, be sure to measure length, some OEM shaft insertions may differ slightly.

Then apply piece tape or mark the shaft For the gluing location

Apply Epoxy on to the shaft between your markings.

Apply Epoxy inside the wall the of Threaded Ferrule

You may want to mark the threaded ferrule for neutral ocation, if you what to spline the shaft or know its orientation.

Be sure to clean the bottom area so it will not obstruct the insertion threads.

The Billy Bob’s CMX® OEM Fitting System will fit many different OEM adjustable sleeve combinations. We have tried to keep the weights within respectable limits, but with today’s shaft lengths, shaft weights, grip weights, head weights there are many different variables. Please consider this in custom fitting your club. We also offer a Grip Back Weight Counter Balance System for adjusting swing weight, they come in 2,4,6,8 gram increments. Depending on the OEM Sleeve you use, there are different shafts insertions; you may what to set the depth to the shortest insertion point so the tips won’t bottom out when changing to different club heads. The threaded ferrule and shaft can be removed easily with a standard 7/16 wrench even after many, many, many hits.