Callaway I-Mix Adapter Kit Manual

Billy Bob’s Installation Instructions

Callaway I-MIX Permanent Metal Sleeve Kit

Install a Permanent Shaft on the Callaway’s I-MIX Heads

Billy Bob’s I-MIX Sleeve Kit incls:

metal sleeve adaptor, 350 adaptor, 335, adaptor, 2degree adjustable clock ferrule

Callaway Golf has the I-MIX Series line and has sold many of these heads and many of the last years models are showing up without the Metal Sleeve, shaft and wrench. Also this years models of the FT iz and the FT-9 are available in the I-MIX Technology. You may have people coming into you shop wanting to have you install a shaft but without the sleeve and wench…. it is a potential shaft sale walking out the door

We at Billy Bob’s have developed a Metal sleeve hosel that can be permanently installed in the head which will allow you to use all of our Billy Bob’s Ferrules & Adaptors for the Callaway Clubs plus the popular Billy Bob’s Adjustable Loft and Lie Clock Ferrule which allows you to adjust the loft and lie of the club up to 2o.

A Simple fix for a complex problem

A Customer will come into your shop with this Club Head, you now have the necessary
Ferrule and Sleeve to Fix His or Her Club.

Here are some simple instructions on installing this Permanent Metal Sleeve Adaptor

Threaded receiver Hole:

You will install the metal sleeve into this threaded receiver hole

Epoxy Threads:

Lightly epoxy the threads, this will lock in the sleeve but makes it easy for removal later, if needed.

Insert the Threaded Sleeve:

You will only need to hand tighten the

Prep and Dry fit Shaft

Apply epoxy to the prepped shaft

Epoxy the Adaptor:

Slide the Adaptor on the coated shaft and
apply some epoxy to the outside bottom portion of the adaptor

Epoxy Hosel:

Coat the epoxy in the prepped hosel for the shaft and the adaptor

Insert the Shaft & Adaptor:

If everything was dry fitted properly, then all the parts should come together nicely.


Clean all the areas with Alcohol, remove any exposed uncured epoxy.

Removal Metal Sleeve

Now if you want to remove the metal sleeve from the hosel you can do this by heating the aluminum sleeve from with-in the hosel, (heat a metal rod, insert it in the sleeve) also protect the composite head, it’s good idea to wrap the composite area with a damp cloth, all you want to due is release the epoxy on the threads. You can use a #6 easy out or use vise grips, as seen below. Once you remove the aluminum sleeve and thoroughly clean the threads in the club
head, you can replace it with another aluminum sleeve