Callaway C4 Sleeve Adapter


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For the Callaway C-4 Composite Driver

Replacement Sleeve

You can Now Reshaft this Club Head with Confidence

Bottom Sole Plate

Composite Top and Face

C 4 Billy Bob Sleeve

Yes! Now you can re-shaft the Callaway C-4!

Callaway sold over a million of these clubs and until now the only option for shaft repair or replacement was to send them back to Callaway. Our thinking is “Why send shaft sales and repairs revenue away?” Now, with the Billy Bob’s .335 or the .350 Great Big Bertha II, VFT, ERC II Adaptors and with the Billy Bob’s C-4 Sleeve, you can quickly and easily repair and/or re-shaft the Callaway C-4 in house! We have incorporated sleeve technology with our quality Callaway VFT ERC adaptors, creating a set that is all you need to repair or replace the shaft in the C-4 club. The C-4 Adaptor Sleeve will keep your customers happy and boost your profits by keeping those sales in your store!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS; Billy Bob’s Callaway C-4 Sleeve: Don’t be intimidated! This is much easier than it first appears. You will need a heating rod, a heat gun (do not use a torch as it may damage the club head), a shaft extractor (PREFERABLY THE BILLY BOB SPECIALTY CLUB SHAFT EXTRACTOR) or soft vise, Billy Bob’s C-4 Sleeve, and a Billy Bob’s Callaway Big Bertha II VFT ERC II Adaptor. Place the club head in the shaft extractor and heat the Metal bottom soul to release the epoxy from the receiver groove, which the C-4 sleeve fits into.I cut the shaft approximately 6 to 7 inches and insert an electric heating rod to heat the top to release the sleeve from the top section of the club head. I also use a heat gun to heat the sides of the club head making sure that I do not overheat the Composite surface, which can cause damage to the fibers. Please note that more club heads are being produced with a combination of Steel and Composite Graphite, such as the new Callaway Big Bertha Fusion, and we must be mindful not to treat these head as though they were exclusively steel. Once the original C-4 sleeve is removed you will see the large hollow hole inside the club head. Looking straight down into the hole, you will see the receiver shoe at the base of the aluminum sole. You will need to clean all remaining epoxy around the hole, at the top of the club head, and in and around the receiver shoe. This is very important, as any dried epoxy residue will not allow the C-4 sleeve to align correctly and sit flush in the receiver shoe. Dry fit to make sure everything fits good, you will only need to epoxy the bottom of the sleeve and the knurled collar into the head, and then glue the adaptor .335 or the .350 and the shaft all at once.
Note* use the adaptor in the C-4 sleeve to position the sleeve to the bottom of the club, if the sleeve falls into the club it is easyremoved with a little shaking of the head.